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Studies of ozone distributions based on assimilated satellite measurements

During the first year of the European Union Satellite Ozone Data Assimilation (SODA) project, important progress has been made in the following areas:
the formulation and understanding of a parameterized atmospheric ozone photochemistry;
the construction of an initial ozone field for data assimilation experiments;
the introduction and validation of ozone as a prognostic variable in general circulation models (GCM) (simulated ozone distributions turn out to be very realistic);
the near real time retrieval of total ozone information from satellite measurements;
the retrieval and validation of height-resolved satellite ozone information;
the formulation of an ozone data assimilation scheme including flow-dependent error estimation;
the assimilation of stratospheric satellite ozone profile information;
the validation of forecast-error covariances with observations;
the running of simple or preliminary 4D-VAR ozone assimilation experiments;
the implementation of a flexible chemical 4D-VAR suite.

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