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TELEWORKS: Secure telediagnosis support tool

Teleworks is a CSCW application which supports cooperative work on modality generated diagnostic images for remote diagnosis support and teleconsultation. The system has the capability to pretransmit diagnostic images from one station to the other and then to permit remote discussion of the diagnostic findings. This discussion is supported by a telepointing service, a ROI telemarking service, a voice or V/C channel and a service allowing the remote initiation of image processing algorithms. The telepointing service is based on real time transmission and displaying of mouse coordinates on each station. Each user manipulates the local pointer, while following, at the same time, the movement of the remote pointer. ROI telemarking is the capability of markup of rectangular and circular regions of the shared images. A voice channel is used for voice conference between users as a low cost solution. Teleworks includes a security subsystem that allows the encryption and decryption of the transmitted confidential medical data. The security subsystem, uses RSA for public-key cryptography, DES or IDEA for bulk encryption and MD5 as message digest. The key-exchange protocol used is based partly on SSL (Secure Socket Layer), while key generation, storing and management is derived from PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). Asymmetric keys of the system are stored on a diskette in PGP format. Existing public and private key-rings can be used for communication using Teleworks, otherwise they must be generated using PGP. The private keys are stored encrypted using IDEA and a pass phrase is required to unlock them. Teleworks was used during trials performed in the framework of the Health TELEMATICS project SAMMIE2 (HC1044) and TEN-IBC project HIM3 (B3014).

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