Servizio Comunitario di Informazione in materia di Ricerca e Sviluppo - CORDIS

Research network for market based instruments for sustainable development

Theme workshops have been organized by network partners and the co-ordinator examining the following:
European Union (EU) experiences in environmental voluntary approaches;
environmental policy targets and non-market valuation;
environmental policies and international competitiveness;
the economics and law of voluntary approaches in environmental policy;
ecological tax commissions;
tradeable permits, quotas and joint implementation;
institutional aspects of economic instruments for environmental policy;
environmental implications of market-based approaches;
international workshop on market-based instruments and international trade;
'greening the budget';
'can market based instruments really achieve sustainability'.

The proceedings of these workshops have been compiled into a series of state of the art reviews called 'The environmental policy research series'. These distil lessons for those in the policy process from each network theme workshop. A number of books have also been published. Promotion of the network through brochure, newsletter web site and attendance has facilitated cooperation between researchers and dissemination of research results to policymakers. Efforts have been made to involve policymakers and researchers outside Europe and other research networks. The network has helped to develop an international profile for European research and practice and provide a basis for improved environmental performance by addressing the needs of policymakers.

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