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EUROMEDIA: distributed multimedia archives for cooperative TV production

The EUROMEDIA application field is the integration of the different aspects of multimedia and broadcasting archive and asset management technology into one homogenous integrated system. A basic prerequisite is the design of digital archives for mixed media types and the provision of suitable means for documenting and accessing the contents EUROMEDIA is designing large-scale, digital multimedia archives accessible via local and wide area networks. For these digital multimedia archives, EUROMEDIA will provide advanced tools for video indexing, video abstracting and video sequence navigation based on image processing. These tools will be suitable for professional applications in media production. This not only makes digital media archiving and exchange technically feasible, but also makes it easier in operational and administrative terms. The following is being worked on: a set of rules for linking media objects of different types; a framework for media exchange including standards for rights clearing and accounting. The work focuses on the adaptation of available technologies to professional applications and to the needs of the user group.

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