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DARE: addressing the Year 2000 problem

Most of the information systems (including applications, operating systems and system software) to process year information, assume as meaningful only the last two digits of the entire number. Reasons for this practice are: two digit year representation is standard and produces numerous savings; at implementation time, user organisations foresaw re-writing the application before the year 2000. Therefore, the information systems community have to face the Year 2000 problem. Massive software renovation projects have to be undertaken by practically all user organisations. The DARE project addresses just such Year 2000 problems from both service providers and user organisations points of view. The DARE toolset is largely based upon technology produced by the ESPRIT Project RECYCLE, improved and enhanced by DARE, in order to specifically address Year 2000 renovation projects. A thorough trial utilization of such methodologies and tools on the basis of a large and significant critical banking applications is being carried out. This represents the key outcome on which the success of the DARE project will be measured, providing decision making elements necessary to effectively undertake the renovation project for its whole Information System.

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