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GUARDS ADE: a unique environment for the design of dependable software systems

The GUARDS ADE is a computer aided software engineering (CASE) toolset which supports the design of dependable, real-time software applications. In particular it provides means to: design the software system according to its functional as well performance requirements (eg periods, deadlines etc); identify the needed hardware boards as well as dependability software components which constitute the underlying computing environment and extract from them the relevant performance characteristics; verify the performance requirements of the design (and, later, implemented) software system; generate the table which drive the critical software functions. The GUARDS ADE is centred around a software design tool supporting a hard-real-time, object-oriented method. Currently it supports the HRT-HOOD method, but other adequate methods can be supported as well. It includes a set of other tools: an Infrastructure Architecture tool, that manages a database of the various hardware/software components which represent the application environment (such components are described by their relevant performance attributes, relations and compatibility); a couple of Temporal Properties Verification tools (the Schedulability Analyser and the Scheduler Simulator), which keeps the real-time attributes of the software application (as defined with the Design tool) as well as those one of the underlying environment (as resulting from the Infrastructure Architecture) and verifies the defined real-time requirements (eg deadlines); a Table Generator tool, which, on the basis of the real-time models produced by the verification tools, produces the tables which are used at run-time by the software functions at the highs level of criticality (eg inter-channel synchronization and input/output data consolidation).

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