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VENUS VQS: a user friendly graphical interface

Venus is a unified graphical query system, installable in any existing information system whose goal is to permit all levels of the organization to get the required information, leaving each user the possibility of accessing the databases according to his/her the individual needs and viewpoints as well as without creating the need of special knowledge on technicalities, irrelevant to his/her actual job. It provides a graphical user-oriented interface to existing heterogeneous systems for the management of traditional and multimedia type data. The graphical interface allows the user to identify, select and retrieve the information of interest form the database systems through a homogeneous modality, independent from the underlying database models, languages and systems. VENUS VQS facilitates all levels of the organization to access and retrieve the information of interest for the daily activities, according to the individual needs and viewpoints, without requiring any direct knowledge of the technical aspects of the information system. VENUS VQS is an integrated query system, permitting the user to access multimedia, distributed and heterogeneous data, through an integrated and homogeneous modality. The VENUS VQS interacts with the principal products presently available on the market for the management of the data in business organisations and operates by means of a visual (iconic and diagrammatic) interface, independent of the specific underlying database models, languages and systems.

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