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A water heating controller designed to specifically address British electricity tariffs

A water heating controller has been developed which optimizes the heating of water to take account of British specific half hourly electricity prices. It uses 48 half hour slots, each of which can have a different price, set by the electricity company via a communications gateway (power line, telephone or radio telemeter). There are also significant cost and comfort benefits for the user. The DICE UK water heating controller makes use of a backwards charging algorithm and user set-points. Taken together, these factors reduce the peak load compared to a normal radio telemeter control as both the distribution of user set-points and the distribution of charging requirements will have a 'smearing effect' on the load profile. Two types of controller have been developed and trialed within the UK. There is a communicating version which receives time and cost messages from a central controller via the power-line, thus reducing the problems of wiring during system installation, and there is a stand-alone version which is pre-programmed with an electricity company's preferred tariff.

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