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Core business re-engineering on RICHE architecture: patient care

The application of business process re-engineering approaches to healthcare have been found to significantly improve standards of patient care while increasing a hospital's operating efficiency. The results from the pilots have demonstrated improved times for patient appointments up to 50 % from initial general practitioner (GP) contact to specialist hospital assessment and reduced loss of income from inappropriate referrals. Technical achievements resulting from the work of the project is the development of the RICHE architecture leading to a set of generic servers to support a range of business applications.

The concept was to utilize a three tier architecture of client application, servers containing the business rules of the organization and a relational database, implemented as a set of generic servers supporting the wider business environment. With this server infrastructure it has been possible to develop protocol driven applications that are process specific or department specific and utilize the flexibility offered by the architecture. The COBRA project has developed and implemented an application that proves the architecture as a business support system. The server technology used for the project mainly resides around two main servers. The Act Management Server (AMS) and a Booking Management Server (BMS). The AMS supports the 'acts 'required or performed at the different levels of the organization and the BMS supports any requirement in the organization to schedule physical locations with resources. The application specifically utilizes the servers for the elective surgery process as defined in the project. However, the achievement of this technology is not just in its success to support the elective surgery process but in its flexibility to be used by future applications designed to meet different requirements in other areas of the organization.

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