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Electronic data interchange for the European maritime industry

BAL.DIS, the BALance Data-Integration-Service, realises the smooth transfer of electronic documents of the daily business with a minimum of investment. It realises the change from a paper-based solution to an electronic data exchange (EDI)-solution for every supplier-connection. With BAL.DIS the realisation-potential, determined by a more precise, fast and cost-effective purchase, or sale-transaction by using the electronic means is safe and cost-transparent.. Advantages due to the extended service give gains over other competitors and an intensive customer-supplier-connection can be opened up. BAL.DIS is the consequent addition of the balance-consulting in the fields of EDI. BAL.DIS offers a conversion-service for in-house formats, EDIFACT and ODETTE. The procurement processes can be handled completely electronically between partners without manual data input. The BAL.DIS functionality has been extended through the results of the EDIMAR project. Maritime specific subsets according to the EDIFACT syntax have been specified and implemented in the BAL.DIS functionality. Within the scope of a small business volume with important customers, the paperless treatment of orders via BAL.DIS offers a fast and easy start into the new technology by considering company-specific solutions without the need for high investments. EDIMAR BAL.DIS offers enhanced functionality, which helped the maritime industry apply advanced EDI functions to their process chains.

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