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Best practice in the integration of manufacturing with marketing and sales

It is demonstrated that the integration of a number of business actions leads to a significant quality/cost/schedules improvement. Full efficiency can only be achieved with assistance of advanced information technology (IT) tools. An efficient introduction of advanced IT tools to support Integration in Manufacturing (IiM) in small and medium sized enterprises (SME) requires step-wise managed approaches which ensure the effective implementation and an efficient return-on investment. The BEP-IiM (Best Practice in the Integration of Manufacturing with Marketing and Sales) project facilitates the 'real implementation' of IT tools in SMEs in a regional context assisting them in the process from traditional engineering to an integrated manufacturing. The methodology applied for supporting the BEP-IiM SMEs in introducing IT tools, is based on the extension of the DonQ Methodology. This methodology supports the SMEs in terms of preparing them for this IT introduction, following a stepwise assistance based on the generation of an analysis and implementation plan applying the 'best enterprise practice approach' (BEP) which involves a number of original organizational and technical solutions which have been successfully applied in practice, bringing considerable advantages in respect to efficiency, quality and production costs. The approach also includes principles of Lean Production which have specially demonstrated their advantages over the traditional production systems in the area of organization of manufacturing lines reducing also the barriers of personal involved against the incorporation of end technologies. The DonQ Method follows a double objective: to introduce emerging technologies, creating experimentation and demonstration platforms for the same, and to improve technological performance of less advanced industries. The DonQ method can be applied to a wide variety of sectors and regions.

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