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The Cheap Art Internet Site presents representative works by young artists in all cultural and artistic making their work accessible to a wider audience and establishing direct communication between artists and the public without intermediaries. Through the Cheap-art web site, a selection of the most representative works of art created by 30 young artists (40 in the near future) of all art disciplines (painting, music, sculpture, printmaking, theatre, poetry, film and photography, etc) is presented. The artists neither share the same artistic expression nor do they belong to a single artistic movement. Their main link is that they are members of the Cheap Art Group.

From a technical point of view, the following software packages have been chosen. WordPad of Windows95(this very simple word processor, included in the Windows95 software package) has been selected for its simplicity of use compared to the hypertext mark-up language (HTML) language. The Adobe Photoshop 4.0 program enables the user to scan photos in the computer, to manipulate graphics and photos and transform them (cut them, change colours, etc). The resulting image is viewable from within a web browse. The Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explore rare two web browsers which enable the user to see Internet pages with images, text, even sound files. They also make it possible to select things (images or text) by clicking on them with the left button of a mouse. The HTML FRAMES technology has also been used because it enables the user to see lots of things on screen and at the same time, without having to 'click' on lots of different selections to see topics of interest.

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