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An organizational framework and methodology for the exploitation and promotion of tourism

The HYPERTOUR project addresses the need to organize the planning, creation, distribution and exploitation of tourism-related multimedia applications, covering the entire life-cycle of development, in a business-centred manner. Six multimedia pilot sites in five European Union (EU) countries deal with the associated business and technological aspects. They form a European Economic Interest Grouping entitled ODYSSIA owning the exclusive exploitation rights of the HYPERTOUR product. For this purpose, a generic organization/business framework (named Teiresias) has been formulated, and a number of tools (named Ulysses) have been developed, comprising an Asset Handling Facility (AHF) for the management of multimedia assets, and a Template Library (TL) for the rapid and cost-effective creation of tourism-related multimedia applications. ODYSSIA targets the increasing demand for multimedia applications in the European tourism market.

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