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Engineering software for rapid analysis of flow, mixing and combustion in reciprocating engines

STAR-HPC/PROICE is a suite of engineering software tools for rapid analysis of flow, mixing and combustion in reciprocating engines, using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methodology and contemporary message-passing parallel computers. The software will be of interest to automobile and engine manufacturing companies and their suppliers, as well as research institutes and consulting companies involved in reciprocating engine analysis and design. The novel features of the software are the ability to quickly set up, perform and display CFD engine simulations using parallel computers and automated meshing techniques. The main benefit from using the software is the ability to perform engine simulations in a much shorter period and with less specialized skill requirements than hitherto, increasing the utility of the tool for engine design There are two important technical aspects of the STAR-HPC/PROICE combination which give it the improved performance. One is the ability to rapidly generate the body-fitted moving meshes required for engine simulations. This is done in PROICE by use of pre-constructed templates, which can be fitted to computer aided design (CAD) descriptions of the actual engine geometry and already contain the necessary controls for mesh movement. The second aspect is the ability of STAR high performance computing (HPC) to perform moving-mesh engine simulations on parallel computers. Here the main novelty is dynamic load balancing, in which the topology changes which the moving mesh undergoes are catered for by periodic redistribution over the computer processors to maintain uniform load and hence near-optimal performance. Neither of these aspects is available in competing software.

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