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Parallel on-line visualization for simulations

Simulations that are performed on massively parallel computers result in huge amounts of data that usually cannot be handled by workstations. The COVISE environment provides the possibility to do the first visualization steps directly on the parallel computer and thus reduce the amount of data that has to be transferred to the workstation for the final visualization significantly. The integration of the visualization with the numerical simulation makes it easy to view the results of intermediate results of the ongoing simulation. The increasing need for computing power to solve increasingly complex problems (eg combustion engines or crash simulation) makes massively parallel computers very attractive. The main market will be the users of extreme computing power like car manufacturers and the aerospace industry. The main emphasis in the HPS-ICE project is on the overall speedup of the development cycle of a combustion engine. To achieve this, the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation and parts of the visualization are done on a MPP system (a fast internal network massively parallel computer), focusing on the optimal usage of the parallelization. The main technical achievement is the integration of a distributed visualization environment with the simulation code on a massively parallel computer system. Numerical simulations of internal combustion engines are one of the most complex computations executed today. The benefit of using MPP systems for simulation and visualization can be in one of two ways: the users solve problems that are much bigger and more detailed than those that can be solved on standard supercomputers; the user solves the same problem in a shorter time. Both ways offer the user a competitive advantage in that he either has a better solution in the same amount of time, or the same solution in a shorter time.

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