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Current monitors and design for testability strategies for mixed mode designs

IDDQ testing enables quality targets to zero parts per million (ppm) defect levels in highly competitive markets like automotive and telecommunications applications. Considerable effort has been done towards the development of current monitors (called IDDQ monitors) allowing a fast and accurate measurement of the quiescent supply current of the device under test, in an industrial environment. Solutions are worked-out for both on-chip monitoring, where the current sensor/monitor is integrated together with the circuit to be tested, as well as for off-chip monitoring, where the monitor and the device under test are separate devices. Characteristic for the monitors developed is that they do not influence the device under test at any time, offer transient current bypass capabilities and allow both a detailed or a go-no go measurement. Current monitors are extremely important towards the development of high quality end as they allow a test quality and device reliability improvement even in combination with an overall test cost reduction. Using the current monitors developed offers full IDDQ test capability, cheap access to test and product quality improvement, and a reduction of service and warranty costs. BIC monitors are intended to be integrated together with the circuit to test, they can be marketed as IP (intellectual property) components. Their target area is safety critical systems and self-testable systems. They also can be used in combination or as part of built-in self test strategy. Off-chip monitors are much more versatile, as they are stand-alone components and circuits. They can be realised as an add-on option for existing automatic testing equipment (ATE) equipment or as an add-on to the load board. They can be used throughout the complete test process and for a variety of circuits. In addition to the monitors developed a number of design for test strategies, which make use of these monitors, were developed and successfully evaluated.

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