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SCENIC: transfer of information technology (IT) to small and medium sized enterprises

The SCENIC project transfers information technology (IT) to small and medium sized enterprises (SME) of the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sector. There are about 2 000 000 SMEs and very small enterprises (VSE) in this activity sector in Europe. Currently, the enterprises in the AEC sector make little use of IT even if they acknowledge that, in the coming years, productivity gains will mainly result from the improvements made in managing data and information flows. To transfer to the SMEs the IT they need, SCENIC has established a network of so-called 'SCENIC nodes' throughout Europe (Belgium, Finland, France, Spain, Sweden, UK). In general, these nodes are Consulting Companies. In their local area of influence the Consulting Companies will audit and advise the SMEs. One of the techniques used will be benchmarking. To enable the Consulting Companies to perform their task efficiently, the SCENIC network maintains and up-dates the SCENIC Information System. The main database of the SCENIC Information System is the SCENIC IT Best Practice database: more than 60 best practices are described, from very simple best practices such as the use of e-mail instead of the traditional paper-based way to, for example, concurrent engineering techniques. The SCENIC Information System also includes a Research Database and an IT Standards Database. Each region defines a structure adapted to local constraints and the initial SCENIC core is expected to grow and expand to all European countries.

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