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An engineering toolset for embedded systems

COMITY is an integrated design environment for the specification, modelling and validation of hybrid hardware (HW)/software (SW) systems that will reduce development costs for complex products.

To reflect the different industrial cultures for the modelling of complex embedded systems, the COMITY environment combines various formalisms and tools to: define architectures of flexible embedded systems made of both HW and SW, using the notations SDL, StateCharts, MATRIXx and Lustre, depending on the industrial context; validate executable system specifications involving several of the above formalisms; allow a safe and easy integration of sub-systems designed separately; support the partitioning of the system components into HW and SW with generation of interfaces; deliver behavioural models of HW and SW components, in VHDL or C, which can be generated on dedicated frameworks; validate the generated system by co-simulation at implementation level, before proceeding to targeting.; support maintenance and redesign strategies incorporating late changes in the specification, by offering automated couplings between the high-level notations and between modelling and implementation. The COMITY toolset is being customized and validated by industrial experiments in three major domains: aerospace, automotive and telecommunications. The same technology can be applied to the design of highly modular, flexible and maintainable embedded systems for the computer industry, image processing and multimedia boards. The COMITY environment is providing system developers and HW and SW designers with modelling techniques at multiples levels of abstraction, with a common prototyping framework to explore architectural solutions and trade-offs before HW and SW being fabricated. A major impact expected from using this technology is a drastic reduction of the time-to-market and development costs, with a better mastery of requirement changes and technological evolutions.

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