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Knowledge capture for advanced supervision of water distribution networks

WATERNET addresses the current managerial problems of water distribution networks. Until now, the goals of planning and optimizing water networks have been hindered by the problem of balancing real time operations and data management. Present technologies focus either on real time management of water distribution, or on the burdensome problem of recording and transforming data into workable information for decision making. WATERNET presents integrated solutions for local and central intelligent supervision of water flows and water quality, as well as for tuning today's efficient operations and planning the adequate responses for tomorrow's needs. WATERNET was developed in close co-operation with end-users in a hands-on philosophy. The system interests water distributors regardless of their dimension and of the geographical or topographical characteristics of network implanting. WATERNET supplies the basic platform for operations and water quality management and the integrated tools for simulating and optimizing the behaviour of the networks. WATERNET is, therefore, not a simple software pack, but the ability to understand the complexity, diversity and the real requirements of water management, the capability to set the system working and the commitment to service water companies in order to insure that the system serves its goals. WATERNET is a very reliable and cost-effective system that allows the transformation of raw data into knowledge, a constant pattern of water quality, substantial energy savings, programmed maintenance, in a friendly working environment. WATERNET is installed in a step-by-step methodology, thus allowing and facilitating the operators to use the system and to get the full benefits from its tools. Plus, WATERNET is an open platform that enables users to be independent of information technology (IT) suppliers, as further developments might be added by different IT.

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