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Best practice in the use of information and communication technologies in key processes

The focus of SAMPLE phase 1 was investigation of the research methodology, this was approached by applying the methodology to two selected subsectors of the European Process Industry (EPI): Beer and Paints for Construction. Thus, in addition to the results relating to methodology and project design, SAMPLE phase 1 has also been able to deliver some preliminary results in these two sectors. Results of SAMPLE phase 1: researched relevant characteristics of a range of sectors in the EPI; investigated the relationship between the PRIMA business process model and the activities of a range of enterprises in these sectors; developed criteria for selection of two pilot sub sectors for investigation; developed a view of key success factors in these sub-sectors, and the way in which business processes from the PRIMA business process reference model contribute to achievement of these key success factors; designed a questionnaire to investigate customer's views of the performance of process; performed a customer satisfaction survey, and analysed the responses to gain insight into comparative performance of process companies; assessed traditional measures (financial) of identified process companies; designed a questionnaire and interview approach to gather information from process companies relating to their use of information technology (IT) to support the identified key business processes; obtained feedback from a range of process companies in the two selected sub-sectors; developed a view of the existing use and future use of IT in this sector from appropriate IT vendors; established the requirements of a database to contain appropriate process industry benchmark data; analysed the effectiveness of the SAMPLE methodology, and recommended refinements for SAMPLE phase 2

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