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Compete Methodology and Tools: innovating business processes organization

Compete Methodology and Tools (M&T) is a methodology of work to be used (and reused) by industrial policy makers to match small and medium sized enterprises'(SME) needs and information technology (IT) solutions, in order to facilitate the organization of technology transfer (TT) actions. The methodology identifies relevant indicators, allowing to select the SMEs as potentially recipients of IT applications and to be eligible cases of effective TT projects. Compete (M&T), developed within the Compete project, entails a new approach for detecting innovative and potentially innovative companies, providing tools for assessing innovative behaviours, actual and sustainable requirements of innovation in the business processes organization within SMEs. Compete (M&T) addresses the wide audience of centres supporting innovation and technology transfer to SMEs, providing tools for selecting the companies that can be supported by them. Compete (M&T) refers to different typologies of actions/companies/context. Compete (M&T) relies on the mix of different expertise to be used in the selection and investigation process, and on the analysis of the company structural and environmental context Companies are checked through the following macro-issues: attitude to change, market positioning, business processes re-organization needs and IT solutions applicability. Compete (M&T) has been applied in-field by the Compete partners in Italy, France and Sweden by 200 SMEs. It is to be used by agencies supporting innovation in SMEs. The high degree of flexibility of the QX tools requires an active participation of the user in its implementation, being aware of the innovation strategy he wants to develop. The Compete (M&T) modularity addresses the specific context requirements. Using Compete (M&T) targeted, effective and sustainable actions can be designed and implemented, avoiding generic and however resource consuming actions.

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