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Low-energy coherent electron microguns

MICROGUN is a new generation of compact electron field emission guns that rely on planar micron-size lenses and on a controlled atomic scale field emission source that emits highly focused e-beams at energies less than 500 eV. The small physical size and low cost of the microgun are ideal for integration in parallel array operating systems or as a component of a stand alone micro-column module.

Electron microguns are based on silicon micro-fabricated electron optical components (micro-lenses, and highly stable coherent cold field emitters(ie nanotips). Electron optical performances have been analysed by concomitant numerical simulations and experimental measurements. There are mainly two potential areas of application, the first being in an array of individually operated and focused sources for parallel sub 100 nm electron lithography with high throughput. Arrayed e-beam lithography is in competition with other techniques for the huge market of nanolithography and related applications. Among them are high cost techniques such as synchrotron X-ray lithography and steppers or low price approaches like stamping and embossing. The advantages of arrayed e-beam are: it is based on the well established technique of electron lithography, it will always be needed, be it for mask or master fabrication and direct writing and it is a relatively low-cost technology. The second application area is in a stand-alone micro-column for a compact and versatile high resolution low-energy microscope. This high resolution 'camera' can be needed for process development in a research environment or process monitoring in a cluster-tool in 1/4 micron fabrication line.

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