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Tools and technologies for integration of workflow with groupware and business process re-engineering

The INSTRUMENTS project was created with the objective of integrating different technologies involved in the optimization of working practises in companies and organizations: BPR, workflow and groupware. At the time, the partners in INSTRUMENTS started to meet in order to face this initiative, these technologies were applied separately and considered as very different, or even contradictory. For the INSTRUMENTS consortium, it is clear that the combination of different technologies is the only way to provide a response to the demands of organisations nowadays. INSTRUMENTS has bridged the gap existing between these technologies, providing the basis for the creation of future applications that are based on a combination of technologies. INSTRUMENTS did not contemplate the actual implementation of the interfaces, but remained at the specification level. Project results must be considered in this light. INSTRUMENTS results are provided in two ways. On the one hand, the definition of interfaces between the technologies that are involved in the project support the interconnection of these tools in those situations where a variety of features are required. Valuable guidelines are provided for this purpose. On the other hand, the INSTRUMENTS methodology considers a co-operative systems project as a whole and provides the appropriate framework to face such a project properly. In addition, the INSTRUMENTS methodology does not impose an inflexible way of analysing processes or implementing software. It is a global framework into which users can plug their preferred methods, while INSTRUMENTS co-ordinates the efforts of these different parts.

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