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Simulation tool able to control any kind of manipulator

In recent years, more and more robots are being programmed off-line. The AMROSE system in its present form provides unmanned, off-line programming of robots for any task which can be described in a computer aided design computer aided manufacture (CAD/CAM) system. However, the AMROSE system is much more than just automatic off-line programming. The AMROSE system is based on entirely new mathematical principles which automatically calculates robots' collision-free motion in environments of varying complexity. Another significant advantage of the AMROSE system is that there are no longer any limitations to the number of axes on the robot. With the AMROSE system the robot and the gantry are unified into one single kinematic chain that moves all joints simultaneously. The AMROSE system can handle highly complicated tasks. One good example of this is doubly curved ship blocks. Automatic robot programming of this type of task certainly requires advanced motion planning with path finding and active collision avoidance. A curved block is a ship assembly that contains curved shell plating. The AMROSE system has been used to autonomously create robot programs for the welding of doubly curved sheet platings in site B7 at Odense Steel Shipyard Ltd. The sequences of weld seams on the stiffening ribs of the platings can be as much as 200 seams, adding up to 15 h of welding. As it is characteristic of the shipbuilding industry that such shell platings are unique from one ship to the other, it would mean a considerable reduction of costs to succeed in using automatic robot welding of this large amount of weldseams, so far being hand-welded. Unmanned, off-line programming control of robots help your company maintain itself in the very best market position. In recent years, more and more robots are being programmed off-line.

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