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Household appliances communication via power line with an energy management and information system

A complete system for household appliances communicating via power line with an energy management and information system is the core innovation of ELECline. The new architecture, including a remote configurator and a new meter gateway, allows the user to optimise the use of energy by using intelligent appliances and the services of the utility. The TV as a universal bi-directional user interface(UBUI) enables the end user to customize and optimize the performance of the system for his personal needs. Public switched telephone network (PSTN) and community antenna television (CATV) gateways are developed for communication with the outside world
%To optimize the use of energy, ELECline is developing electrical storage heaters, electrical water heaters, electrical meter gateways, intelligent thermostats and intelligent socket-outlets as well as consolidating the offer of washing machines, dishwashers and energy controllers. This will be completed with communication products, such as CATV gateways, PSTN gateways and TV based user interfaces. Product compatibility is based on the definition of interoperability profiles. The results will contribute to developing the home automation market by offering improvements in the use of home energy and communications.

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