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Welding of aluminium alloys with high power YAG lasers

The main result of the project is the technology for welding aluminium alloys with high power Nd-YAG lasers. The most efficient laser mode is CW laser with high beam quality in comparison to pulsed and pulse sustainer mode. The aluminium welding process developed has the following advantages:
high welding speed: with 3 kW CW laser power, up to 10 m/min for 2 mm thick sheets;
possibility of a fully automatic process even on 3D path using a robot;
high mechanical strength of the weld.

Knowledge has been gained regarding the definition of Nd-YAG laser quality parameters necessary to achieve the process parameters, the focusing heads and the connection with the automatic movement equipment along one or three dimension paths. This expertise has mainly been developed by the partners CRF, COMAU and Haas as laser constructor. A weld quality monitoring system integrated into an optical head has been developed by CRF using a commercial focusing head of Haas. The device is based on the measurement of the laser radiation reflected from the weld zone.

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