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Detection and assessment of seismic damage in reinforced concrete tunnel linings

An integrated package has been developed including a deformation monitoring system that provides real-time measurements of tunnel deformation during an earthquake and a decision support system that processes these measurements to assess the lining's ability to survive expected aftershocks. This package permits transportation officers to reduce the train speed or shut down the tunnels as soon as it becomes necessary. At the same time it makes it possible to avoid shutdown for inspection immediately after the earthquake when it is essential that transportation arteries remain open. The deformation monitoring instrumentation that has been developed operates at a frequency of about 75 Hz and can record the history of deformations in an earthquake in detail. Based on the recorded history of deformations, an energy-based novel theory for reinforced concrete seismic failure assesses the remaining ability of the lining to resist earthquake shocks.

A novel seismic failure theory has been developed. The decision support system has been completed and the experiments that confirm the theory and the functionality of the fibre optics have been carried out successfully. The fibre optics transducers have been produced and tested, as well.

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