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Sol-gel processing for advanced industrial materials technology

Sol-gel technologies enable the coverage of an important part of industrial needs by innovative technologies in the field of ceramics, glasses, composites and functional coatings for optical and photochromic materials in electronic industries.

Seven project groups were established with the following topics:
synthesis and characterisation of nanoscaled ceramic and glass powders;
seeding effects on the development of microstructures of monolithic gels and films;
freeze casting of alumina ceramics;
photochromic hybrid materials;
semiconducting oxides;
catalytic and porous materials;
anticorrosive layers on steel.

The common works were mostly carried out in the precompetitive field of material development. They do not offer an immediate financial profit but establish an important basis for more application oriented follow-on projects.

It can be stated that the results will influence and activate the development of materials in the following application areas:
catalytic materials (heterogeneous catalysis, automotive converters);
casting of ceramics (refractory industry, fuel cells, catalysts);
functional optical materials (light weight photochromic hybrid materials for building and automotive window glazings, sun glasses);
heat reflecting materials and heating elements for vehicles;
corrosion protection of steel by thick coatings.

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