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A non-toxic fire retardant additive for reconstructed wood products

The aim of the research was to use an innovative molecule to generate a non-toxic fire retardant additive for reconstructed wood (particle board, plywood, veneer, mdf, hdf), by developing the application which has already been demonstrated to be effective in thermosetting polymers.

Results achieved include:
production of manufactured articles from reconstructed wood protected by innovative fire-retardants, with limited modifications to industrial plant and no loss of productivity;
production of manufactured articles with full flame protection and which reach social, technical and environmental targets, while keeping the cost of the additive at the level of the toxic alternatives currently available on the market;
full certification for the fire-retardant additive under Italian and British standards without any loss in the characteristics of the manufactured articles treated with these fire-retarding additives;
development of fully non-toxic fire-retardant additives which produce no harmful gases in the event of combustion and are therefore environment-friendly.

It is now possible to attack an important market niche in constant growth within a relatively short period of time (two to three years). It will then be possible to extend the same benefits to other industrial panel producers.

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