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ABSODIAM: system for the measurement very thin wire diameters

The results of the project show the capacity of the ABSODIAM system to measure absolute diameter of very thin wires in the range 10 to 200 µm using the new theoretical formula developed by the partners with the requested accuracy. Moreover Invar reference wires have been produced with the requested quality, with the potential to be standard reference materials. A set of reference wires has been placed at the PTB in Germany. Interested parties can obtain access to this set from Dr Jusko, Physikalisch- Technische Bundesanstalt, Bundesallee 100, D-36116 Braunschweig. The system can be used for wire, but also for enamelled wire and plastic thread. The ABSODIAM system offers to the European calibration institutions important financial as well as technical advantages. The price of the ABSODIAM system is much lower than the price of the other existing systems that the institutions use at present.

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