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ACOSTA: health care telematics consensus formation and standardisation promotion

ACOSTA aimed to bring together the various partners involved in stimulating the health telematics market, namely health care managers and professionals, telecom operators and industrial companies from the sector including small and medium enterprises (SME).
It made the following recommendations:
the 4th Framework Programme should concentrate very specifically on the development aspects of projects;
the expansion of the health telematics infrastructure should be encouraged by promoting and linking 'centres of excellence' thus stimulating demand for, and supply of, advanced services;
the programme should encourage activities of SMEs aimed at developing generic applications in partnership with user groups;
support should be given to diffusion and technology transfer activities focusing on the export of projects to the health care sector of another region or country;
a series of concerted actions and accompanying measures should be used to create cultures of collaboration, demonstrating and diffusing project activities and promoting technology assessment;
different types of action should be included, each with a specific objective, and with rigorous evaluation procedures built in at every level.

A book, Telematics for Health Care, has been published with the purpose of informing health care professionals and managers of developments in the health telematics field, trying to explain the potential of these rapidly evolving technologies without glossing over the problems. It has an attractive and easy to read format and is available in English, German and French.

At the Centre National de l'Equipement Hospitalier (CNEH) a Telecoms and Telemedicine Unit has also been set up to provide industrialists from the telematics sector with an opportunity to demonstrate their products to visiting health care professionals. Facilities include video-conferencing equipment, work stations with imaging facilities, intelligent digital links, radio communications and an Internet link.

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