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CAMARC-II: computer aided movement analysis in a rehabilitation context

CAMARC-II is aimed at establishing a European network of clinical and research centres, strictly interconnected with the main manufacturers of the relevant instrumentation and with important end-users like national and private insurance companies, which will allow a standardised approach to the functional assessment (FA) of the disability of the motor impaired and/or the elderly. CAMARC II has implemented a wide set of products, services and know-how relevant for the improvement of health care delivery in the field of motor rehabilitation. In particular, systems and tools have been developed to be used in a multi-centre trial and remote assessment context.
CAMARC-II is devoted to improve the efficiency and efficacy of the application of the most recent technological resources in the field of functional evaluation (FE) of motor disabled and elderly through movement analysis (MA) methods and techniques. European industry competitiveness is being improved by suitable standardisation work and by the development of disability specific new instrumentation and of instrumentation aimed at ambulatory monitoring of motor behaviour during the activities of daily life (ADL).The quality of rehabilitative care is improved, and its cost are reduced by means of effective FE reducing time spent within the hospital by the patient and allowing a better focusing of the treatment.
To prepare for all the possible economic developments of the CAMARC II results, the consortium has started the constitution of a stable connection among the CAMARC II participants, in terms of launching a European Group of Economic Interest (EGEI).

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