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DIABCARD I & II: improved communication in diabetes care based on chip card technology

A health smart card for diabetic patients has been developed using a chip card based medical information system (CCMIS). Specific functions deduced from the requirement analysis were implemented into a prototype. A pilot of this system was run for 3 months and evaluated. The DIABCARD chip card and its supporting and operating environment is flexible and adaptable to different needs. The DIABCARD architecture can be implemented into existing information systems and into different networking environments. It can be adapted to technological advancements of the chip card. Its specification is not limited to diabetes and is adaptable to general health care data and other chronic diseases. The DIABCARD architecture is covered by standards and pre-standards defined within ISO and ETSI.

A flexible interface for the use of different smart cards and smart card readers was built in to DIABCARD. The interface additionally allows the use of the BDT format or of other clinical interfaces. By having integrated high security levels, the project makes sure that the medical data is safe and protected from misuse. A common European basic diabetes data set based on approved data sets was produced and validated. It defines the data items that will be necessary for good treatment of a diabetes patient. Main emphasis is, as required by the final goals of DIABCARD, on the aspect of quality assurance according to DiabCare and on communication. Most medical items are widely agreed and have been validated in the first DIABCARD pilot.

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