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ESPIS: EEG signal processing and interpretation during sleep

The project's aim was to develop a dedicated workstation in order to process multiple channels of electrophysiological signals in real-time during sleep. In ESPIS both the architecture and environment for EEG signal interpretation in medicine is based on computer science gold standards (UNIX, XWindow, Motif). The design takes advantage of the development environment, processing and graphics resources, and networking capabilities of high performance UNIX workstations. Signal processing and pattern recognition analysis are provided by parallel processing on a specific developed acquisition architecture (DSP) based on transputers. The high performance prototype demonstrates signal interpretation during sleep which has already been tested in a medical environment (3 clinical centres and 1 research centre). Each sub-system can be adapted according to the needs of the ultimate user. The numerical toolbox processing routines are available through a menu-driven graphic interface and can be applied in real-time on each channel independently. The overall specifications allow this biomedical device to be extended to other types of medical signals.

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Centre Hosp Spec en Neurosciences Pavillon 4
68250 Rouffach
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