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ESTEEM: European standardised telematic tool to evaluate electromyographic knowledge-based systems and methods

The overall goal of the ESTEEM project is to develop a prototype telematics system in clinical neurophysiology, electromyography (EMG), assisting the neurophysiologist in his/her clinical daily routine from data management to decision-making and quality assurance. More specifically, ESTEEM aims at integrating EMG decision support systems (ie EMG knowledge-based systems) into a coherent EMG information processing environment to be used in the daily practice together with a set of quality assurance methods and tools for the assessment of those systems and of the individual clinical EMG practice, in the context of a European EMG information network. A strong collaboration between the clinical experts representing 8 leading European EMG centres and a technical specialist group from industry and the university provided the following achievements:
successful development of an integration environment, entitled the EMG-Platform, into which several different kinds of application modules can be plugged;
several distinct application prototypes have been already interfaced into the EMG-Platform;
a growing, committed, European network of clinical users has been established promoting the incorporation and utilisation of these new technologies into disseminated clinical utilisation to deliver important clinical achievements.

The ESTEEM database already constitutes a valuable reference material for good medical practice in EMG which in combination with the evaluation tools incorporated in the EMG-Platform offer new possibilities for systematic in depth assessment of EMG knowledge-based systems as well as of individual EMG practice. This together with the established international audit procedure to seek consensus already offers unique potentialities for better practice in the field of clinical neurophysiology.

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