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KAVAS: knowledge acquisition, visualisation and assessment system

The KAVAS-2 project was motivated by the growing data and information flow in medicine. To handle this data flow, protocols and procedures are needed that: reduce the data and information generation; improve the quality of patient management; reduce the costs in health care service.
KAVIAR (knowledge acquisition, visualisation, assessment and refinement) is a toolbox that supports the user in a task-oriented way. The cognitive task analysis of the development of clinical protocols and procedures has shown that the user is involved in an 5-phased modelling cycle. He iteratively:
defines a goal for the modelling process;
selects appropriate tools and techniques, based on the nature of the problem and the goals set in the previous steps;
applies the selected tools;
measures and explores different aspects of the quality of the solution(s);
validates the results against the defined goals and either reformulates the goals of implicitly or explicitly acknowledges or rejects the solutions.
KAVIAR supports this process by providing tools for goal formulation, presentation of domain knowledge in the form of conceptual graphs and state transition diagrams, extraction and structuring of knowledge from text sources, the formulation of cost models and quality claims, the development of classification models on the basis of date using either an induction, neural net or density inference tool and assessment of the quality of the derived models.

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