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MARGOT: medical archive generation with object-oriented techniques

MARGOT has developed a patient record model and a set of computer-based tools to edit and manage patient records, and to exchange and integrate information between systems. MARGOT takes advantage of object oriented technologies to provide an immediate and flexible method of implementing patient records, building and inheriting attributes and functionality so as to provide services for specific purposes.
A number of tools allows the full exploration of the model used for representing patient records:
the editor and configurator to load the proper definitions: construction of the library of aggregates or segments (OST) and definition of the intended medical record types (MRT);
the manager to implement an interactive management of medical records: creation of the relational database and of the software module to support the medical record;
the exchanger to allow the exchange of medical records;
the integrator to integrate records coming from different sources, for data collection and data analysis.

The tools allow building of efficient interactive applications with cost reduction, flexibility, acceptance by users, better exchange and integration of medical records based on a common library.

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