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OEDIPE: open European data interchange and processing for computerised electrocardiography

Electrocardiography (ECG), which is very widespread, is the only practical investigation method which allows early detection of coronary heart disease at a minimum cost. Recent advances in clinical research indicate that the human and financial cost-effectiveness could be improved with a more reliable follow-up of cardiac diseased patients, and the early detection of the occurrence of life threatening cardiac events.

The OEDIPE project has designed several demonstration systems for the follow-up of cardiac diseased patients, integrating serial analysis, decision support, open databases and communication protocols. It has also developed several building blocks bringing generic solutions to the more general problem of distributed, co-operative processing of digital patient signals and other relevant data, some of which are stored in distant distributed co-operative databases.

Communication interfaces for electronic data interchange have been set-up, with the aim of automating the whole data flow process according to the user's needs. Data models for the storage and retrieval of serial records have been developed and implemented in open and modular structures that support various scenarios of distributed, co-operative processing tasks. The scope of the OEDIPE project has been extended by designing a cardiology clinical workstation demonstrator providing shared access to distributed, co-operative non-ECG databases and predictive data display of both ECG and other clinical information and by developing a portable diagnostic station for the decisional risk assessment of patients during their transportation in the emergency car. Various experiments and operational testing have already been successfully performed, and will be evaluated at a large scale in a set of tele-assistance, tele-expertise and tele-consultation projects. The technology is being implemented by industrial companies.

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