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OPADE: optimisation of drug prescription using advanced informatics

The OPADE project developed a computerised system which allows the optimisation of drug prescription from a medical, patient compliance and economical point of view: the system is adapted to different European countries and is integrated and customised to local practice. The system can be employed by various types of users (physicians working within hospital or within community practice; nurse and potentially students) to enter a drug prescription for a patient. While the user is entering a prescription, the underlying decision support system performs medical as well as cost-oriented ( reimbursement, cheaper generic, cheaper packaging, etc) pre-defined controls; additional customised controls, called prescribing principles can be entered within the system and checked. When a prescription is definitively entered, the user can request the system to print the prescription, to send a prescription message to a third party and to generate tailored explanations for colleagues, nurses or the patient.

In the design of OPADE, particular attention was paid to the integration of the system in clinical practice in an undisturbing way, while providing complete knowledge on drugs and additional support in terms of reminders, cost information and explanation to patient. If OPADE is accepted and used by all prescribers within a clinical institution, the system should be further used to introduce a positive feed back loop in the prescribing process. The output of the system can be studied to identify prescription patterns at the individual or institutional level: these patterns can be further analysed by local therapeutic committee and customised controls based on new prescribing principles can be derived to correct bad prescribing practice and/or to enforce adequate practice. Attitudes of the clinician can be influenced by an alerting system: new alerts generated by OPADE could influence directly the prescribing attitude of clinicians from both medical and economical viewpoints.

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