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SAMMIE: software applied to multimodal images and education

The project developed, tested and validated a modular software for a workstation for neuromedicine and radiology studies of the brain (BrainWorks). It presents and works on brain images from different modalities, incorporates brain atlases, allows comparisons and matching to be performed, includes other non-image types of medical data like textual reports, and has the backing of a purpose built database for storage and retrieval. The system is usable on a number of different hardware platforms. Validation is being performed at 4 differing test sites in 4 countries. This is giving a wide exposure to BrainWorks. It is now being used both in diagnosis and in education, and in building up a case collection. Helpful comments have been received which have enabled fine tuning to be made to the software to make it much more useful. Furthermore some additional features should be provided: two test sites expressed a strong need to make BrainWorks operable for teleconsultation across hospitals in a city.

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