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EETP: European educational teleports

The European Educational Teleports Project (EETP) provides education professionals, businesses and workers in the telecommunications field with low-cost access to high-quality distance education and training. The project is investigating, designing and evaluating a shared European marketplace and structure for educational services delivered through a network of teleports. Each teleport is a service provider in which different organisations can co-operate through telematics to provide a broad range of learning and technical services for learners and producers of learning material. They can be accessed via Web-based learning virtual environments. Educational teleports can provide trainees with interactive lectures, private tutorials and questions via the Internet, a library of multimedia content and easily updateable courses which allows them to keep abreast of new technologies. The service reaches remote areas effectively because of its deployment of high-speed data transfer tools. The resulting network of interconnected teleports reaches the whole of Europe.

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