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ELECTRA: electronic learning environment for continual training and research in ALMA

ELECTRA is an umbrella project which encompasses 10 applications and services aiming to build a foundation for the use of telematics technologies for education and training. ELECTRA strives to facilitate the integration and growth of telematic services in teaching and learning. Thus, ELECTRA is a joint effort by the 4 ALMA universities from 3 countries, Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium.

The project enables participating students, tutors and researchers, home-learners and small and medium sized enterprises (SME), medical practitioners and hospitals in the EU region of Meuse-Rhine to access advanced education and training materials to provide them with the necessary skills and experience required to work confidently and comfortably with a varied set of information technologies.

ELECTRA is a complex set of services and applications which relies on a mix of some of the most advanced and sophisticated possibilities in current information and communication technology. This includes hybrid technologies such as the combined use of ISDN high-speed digital networks, 2-way cable infrastructure (CaTV), enhanced existing research networks and asynchronous transfer mode high-speed data switching technologies (ATM). With this kind of modern infrastructure, the intention of ELECTRA is to implement and develop the use of these technologies for education and training from within universities as well as from homes, offices, and hospitals.

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