Wspólnotowy Serwis Informacyjny Badan i Rozwoju - CORDIS

COINS: corporate organisations interactive network systems

COINS aims to provide comprehensive training to small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) in remote areas through a combination of paper-based course material and the use of videoconferencing. All training is on the SME's own premises enabling the user to access the services without having to travel to a centralised training centre. It uses advanced ISDN (integrated services digital network), a telephone system that allows simultaneous data transmission, and PC-based videoconferencing for face-to-face interaction. The project also uses multipoint videoconferencing facilities so that each tutorial session involves a number of SMEs. COINS itself is developing the interactive multimedia information systems being used and is providing the course material.

The elimination of the necessity of travel is one of the main benefits of the COINS project. SMEs located in remote regions of Europe can be integrated into mainstream activities through the use of a telematics network using ISDN.

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