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AQUARIUS: aquatic research institutions for the development of user friendly applications in telematics

The AQUARIUS project provides telematics-based education and training for aquaculture students and academics and for fish farmers working in small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). This involves interactive multimedia courseware, which uses images, video or text-based resources and provides access to institutional and government contacts, news about conferences, seminars and symposia, as well as coverage of past conferences. AQUARIUS offers further access to a wide range of online journals and electronic newsletters, a bulletin board system, Internet home pages and links to the main academic sites and national and international government agencies and associations.

The main characteristics of the AQUARIUS delivery system include the integration of Internet-based computer networks with open cross-platform environments which can utilise high-capacity data lines (ISDN) if required. Cable television (CaTV ) has also been used successfully as a delivery system in for some time and is being incorporated and extended further under the AQUARIUS project. The core technology in the project is a highly flexible integrated knowledge pool known as the Information Content Extreme (ICE) which acts as a multi-purpose storage and retrieval facility for documents, images, video and other courseware. This resource is very similar to a standard webserver except that because all the materials are encoded in a Standardised General Mark-up Language (SGML) greater effectiveness, convenience and efficiency is assured for both the users of the system as well as for the designers and creators of the content.

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