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IDEALS: integration of dedicated for advanced training linked to small and medium-sized enterprises and Institutes of Higher Education

The IDEALS project provides telematics-based distance learning services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and Institutes of Higher Education via the World Wide Web. IDEALS works by providing learners with their own classroom environment. A learner is supported at their computer on-line on the World Wide Web. The learner can also join a local group that is following the same course. IDEALS is delivering flexible, personalised and cost-effective learning for the users which is also time and place independent. The modular training system (MTS) supports learning by using interactive multimedia, combining text, graphics, animation, audio and video, adapted to the specific needs and learning performance of the user.

The core element of the IDEALS project are the Local Training Centres (LTC). These centres provide computer-based training services to users locally or remotely located and act as access points for training facilities. The LTCs interconnect via terrestrial high-speed data links complemented by ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) and satellite links, forming a global virtual network which provides transparent access to all courseware from any location. The LTCs store all the courseware in a database, administrate the access rights, provide support for authoring, assign experts or tutors for on-line and off-line consultations, help to organise virtual learning groups and keep user profiles, which help to tailor the course to the users needs. Using the IDEAL courseware domain, businesses as well as individuals can create training courses on any subject and administer them worldwide. These training environments can be offered to anyone with access to the World Wide Web, enabling distance learning while reducing the costs to learners who are geographically dispersed.

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