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LINES: learning information support networks in Europe for SOCRATES

LINES is helping students, teachers and administrators in the ERASMUS programme to organise their study abroad. LINES uses telematics to ease the substantial burden of administering 25 different national agencies who had each been monitoring and managing their own activities separately until a new approach was initiated for ERASMUS by SOCRATES in 1996. The LINES project is designing a system based on the Internet which supports the teachers, students and administrators in ERASMUS by creating an information-rich resource covering almost every aspect of study abroad. LINES provides a wealth of information for staff and students including CVs, tertiary education institutions' profiles and notice boards for users.

LINES provides invaluable information for students looking for a suitable course at European learning institutions. LINES can advise them on how to apply (which is now possible through LINES over the Internet) and how to prepare for the new country and university while also providing the resources to be kept in touch with activities in their home colleges through its support for open and distance learning. LINES includes equally valuable information for teachers, allowing them to keep track of their students while handling all of the study and course information related to the student, during and after their ERASMUS year.

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