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PENELOPE: pan-European network of environmental legislation observatories for planning, education and research

The PENELOPE project is creating a knowledge base on the Internet which compares different approaches to environmental impact assessment (EIA) in Europe. In creating this unique resource, PENELOPE is fostering increased interaction between environmental law schools, students, researchers and teachers while giving a first-time insight into the complex area of comparative EIA policies in different European Member States. The project draws research results from the six project partners and from international environmental agencies such as the European Environmental Agency. It then archives them in an on-line library, which enables professional specialists to access updated knowledge resources for searching and retrieving details of European legislation, which is relevant to environmental impact issues.

The comparative EIA resource consists of 6 distributed mirror web sites hosted by each project partner which are in turn coupled to a relational database system (RDBMS). These on-line services are based on standard Internet protocols and the RDBMS facility is accessible to all Internet subscribers using a common Netscape Navigator browser requiring no extra plug-ins. PENELOPE is also providing for the development of an interactive multimedia CD-ROM which provides detailed information in Greek, English, German, Italian, French, and Spanish, about the knowledge base structure and its content.

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