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REM: multimedia teaching network

REM is developing advanced tele-training by helping learners to support each other in co-operative training brought about by the creation of new educational resources and experiences. The system also allows students to study together virtually in their homes or schools as well as in Institutes of Higher Education. The initial focus of the project is on working with teachers for their continuing professional development and on facilitating collaborative work on curricula. In particular, it allows teachers and students to work together to study and develop their teaching about Europe using a range of networks and multimedia resources. The project aims to provide opportunities modelled on successful EC programmes such as ERASMUS and COMENIUS which give students and teachers opportunities to gain experience from wider contact with European counterparts. Through telematic technologies the project provides much wider access to European collaborative teaching and learning while preparing students, teachers and professionals for the information society.

REM has asynchronous computer conferencing which facilitates the sharing of learning experiences in multimedia correspondence with individuals and groups, while synchronous training allows live audio, video and computer program sharing to foster a broad range of discussions. A multimedia database supports a growing collection of resources which help to illustrate, explain and explore subject areas in a meaningful way. A system of student management ensures a degree of accountability which keeps students and tutors informed of their progress while allowing administrators to monitor overall progress. These areas are carefully integrated using flexible and scalable Java technology. Thus, multilingual dictionaries and spelling checkers can be added to the resource with little difficulty so that learners are able to use their favourite tools in their own language and still work in collaboration.

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