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TECAR: training network for the European car industry

TECAR is aiming to increase both the quality and availability of training within the automotive industry. The project has developed a training service which supports on-demand access to a network of distributed multimedia training material. Its main innovation was to develop a new specific training and co-operation model called directed explorative working, based on the integration of training material into an on-demand service.

TECAR has implemented several services, including a media library, called Mediathek which emphasises distributed preparation and access to the training material for everyone involved in the preparation of coursework. A self-contained on-demand courseware component allows access to the prepared courses at remote training sites. Also, a helpdesk service provides on-line support using e-mail, newsgroup discussion boards, videoconferencing, and application sharing.

All solutions developed during the TECAR project are targeted towards specific training needs within the automotive industry. However, the on-demand training service and multimedia server system are expected to contribute to new training services for a wide range of other industrial training applications based on multimedia telematics.

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