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A noisy image database of forty images corrupted by additive contaminated Gaussian noise

A noisy image database has been developed and has been used in the performance comparisons by all the partners. In its present form, the database contains 42, 512x512 8-bit images obtained by corrupting two original images 'airfield' and 'bridge' with a contaminated Gaussian noise that serves as a basis for performance cross comparison of the algorithms. The algorithms developed for ultrasonic image filtering and analysis have successfully been applied to simulated ultrasound B-mode data and displayed ultrasound image data for speckle suppression and image segmentation. Morphological signal-adaptive median filters, optimal stack filters, weighted order statistics filters have successfully been applied to grey-scale images. The noisy database is used for testing the performance of filtering algorithms applied to grey-scale images. The performance of the algorithms serves as a baseline of the performance of any filtering algorithm applied to grey-scale images. The multichannel nonlinear filters for colour image restoration and colour image enhancement have been applied to still colour images and colour image sequences with very satisfactory results. The algorithms for moving object tracking have successfully been applied to real image sequences for tracking vehicles in normal road traffic scenes. Invariant grey-scale features have been applied for texture classification in visual inspection of fabrics. They have also been applied for building indexing functions for content-based image retrieval from video databases.

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